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    Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 1080mm Nova Radiator confusion

    I need the mount for the 4 200mm fans. I assumed it came with the radiator and it doesn't. I'm willing to pay for the mount as it would be cheaper than sending back my Thermaltake 200 mm fans and exchanging them for 120mm fans. Probably should have gotten the radiator in my hands before ordering...
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    Just purchased Nexxos XT45 1080mm..

    Unfortunately I based my build on the 4 200mm fan option. The radiator did not come with the 4 200mm fan mount. Can one be bought separately? This would be easier and cheaper than to send my 4 Thermaltake 200mm fans back on RMA and pre-planning my build based on 9 120mm fans. If this is not an...