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I was trying to create account with kodiak032876@gmail.com and says it was all ready register. I tried everything to reset password and everything but nothing came to my email for reset instructions in inbox or my spam folder. Can you help me resolve this so I cold create an account with that email please
Hey @Kodiak76 .
I just checked the logs for errors but i can't see any. Please try to change your PW again. If it still does not work please send me an email with the new PW and i will change it manually. My email address is d.dreyer@alphacool.com
Hello, did you finally find MSI RTX 2080 Super Ventus OC watercooling solution?
hi, if you want to get your system up and running fast... go to your local car accessory superstore, (in the uk we have Halfords) grab 5ltrs of distilled water, that will surfice until you get the alphacool stuff...

Thanks! Great idea. I'm heading there now! :)