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Recent content by CRYSIS1982

  1. CRYSIS1982

    Loop/Case upgrade

    It is a Thermaltake W200. 🙂
  2. CRYSIS1982

    The forum sweepstake is over. Here are the winners!

    Oh well. Maybe next time. Congratulations to the winners.
  3. CRYSIS1982

    XFX RX 580 GPX Compatability?

    Looks like most manufacturers are sold out of the RX 580 unless it is a reference model. Bykski would be your best option for your card as they still sell reference blocks. The only one I can find is on eBay for your card.
  4. CRYSIS1982

    Project Black ice

    Very clean. I approve. 😎
  5. CRYSIS1982

    Intresting Build Idea

    I used a Xflow radiator for my loop to help get the frow from one side of the back of my case to the front so I could bring it through the middle wall. Worked great.
  6. CRYSIS1982

    Loop/Case upgrade

    Finished testing the loop and now have added the liquid. Also found a few stickers to add to the case.
  7. CRYSIS1982

    Trying Watercooling

    It removes heat out of your case more efficiently. It can keep your CPU and GPU closer to ambient at idle unlike air cooling. It is a lot quieter.
  8. CRYSIS1982


    Well that sucks. Must have changed in the last month or so
  9. CRYSIS1982

    Loop/Case upgrade

    I started with a budget build and slowly evolved it over 10 years to where it is today.
  10. CRYSIS1982


    Try Aquatuning.com.au They stock all the Alphacool gear.
  11. CRYSIS1982


    My shipping was free and arrived within a week for my four radiators.
  12. CRYSIS1982


    I purchased all of my parts through aquatuning.com.au. Arrived within a week. That's quite a bit better than EKWB as they take over a week to me in Australia.
  13. CRYSIS1982

    Newb to the water cooling world has ???

    I totally agree. Also watch a few build logs or tutorials online. Will help you get ideas flowing (excuse the pun) for your case and layout of the loop.
  14. CRYSIS1982

    Best case for Open loop cooling?

    Nice. I did something similar with my old Phanteks Entho Promo Ultimate.
  15. CRYSIS1982

    Best case for Open loop cooling?

    Nice. I am running 18 radiator fans in push, then 8 case fans.