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    Hello, sorry for the late answers but the problem come from the Distroplate (D140-phanteks) an air bag was hidden in the lower part :D thx for your answers anyway (i can still drop some picture if u want/need)
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    I use a VPP755... So the issue might comme from that distroplate
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    Hello there, im using an EISBLOCK XPX CLEAR, im trying to use it from a different angle. A made a 90° rotation and it seem ti be harder to full fill it with the liquid and i got a looot of bubble... Could it come from WB or something else? I, ofc, respected the IN/OUT part...
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    Eiswasser - CKC

    Probleme resolved! Thx for the fast support!
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    Eiswasser - CKC

    Got the same probleme :s just sent u a mail :(
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    Eiswasser - CKC

    Hello guyz, i ordered some week ago a bottle of CKC clear (i ran out :<). With my new build i filled the new custom loop, after that i just took a look at the bottle and...well... i got some little white floating thing. All have been concerve as usual (temp and light) and it's the first time it...
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    H710i Rebuild

    Hello there, just sharing the rebuild of my (old ?) configuration into the NZXT H710i. There i got Alphacool tubing with his fitting, and VPP 755 with the eisdeck plexi top and a Eisblock XPX CPU with his Aurora RGB frame.
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    What do you want?

    New or updated tools! A bending table for exemple or a more simple reamer...
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    VPP 755 + Eisdeke Top

    Hello guyz, Does the VPP755 + EisdeckTop (plexi) can work on any way? Like upside down or fixed on a Fan slot on the side? Im having so trouble to put in on a the new NZXT H710i case :S
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    Photo Contest

    So when is the result?:p
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    List of reseller / partner

    Hello, could it be possible to have a list of reseller/partener for each country? :D Maybe the is some that we don't know and don't use while it could be more interesting :o
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    Shipping option

    Well yeah gonna give it a try! Thx for the help
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    Shipping option

    They seem to do have the liquid i want :( Maybe there is a substitute ? I was looking for the "Eiswasser Crystal Clear", maybe the "CKC Cape Kelvin Catcher" has the same propriety ?