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    H710i Rebuild

    Hello there, just sharing the rebuild of my (old ?) configuration into the NZXT H710i. There i got Alphacool tubing with his fitting, and VPP 755 with the eisdeck plexi top and a Eisblock XPX CPU with his Aurora RGB frame.
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    What do you want?

    New or updated tools! A bending table for exemple or a more simple reamer...
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    VPP 755 + Eisdeke Top

    Hello guyz, Does the VPP755 + EisdeckTop (plexi) can work on any way? Like upside down or fixed on a Fan slot on the side? Im having so trouble to put in on a the new NZXT H710i case :S
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    Photo Contest

    So when is the result?:p
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    List of reseller / partner

    Hello, could it be possible to have a list of reseller/partener for each country? :D Maybe the is some that we don't know and don't use while it could be more interesting :o
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    Shipping option

    Well yeah gonna give it a try! Thx for the help
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    Shipping option

    They seem to do have the liquid i want :( Maybe there is a substitute ? I was looking for the "Eiswasser Crystal Clear", maybe the "CKC Cape Kelvin Catcher" has the same propriety ?
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    The Unique: Alphacool Eisball Digital RGB reservoir

    I reviewed the 755 with the Eisdecke top
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    Shipping option

    Hello guyz, i need to get some Eiswasser clear but the shipping cost price is almost the double of the price of the bottle :s any chance to use another shipping method? Im from France :)
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    The Unique: Alphacool Eisball Digital RGB reservoir

    Well i got a VPP, gonna studie that possibilitie then ;)
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    The Unique: Alphacool Eisball Digital RGB reservoir

    Question! What about using the eisball upside down? Putting the pump on top could damage it? And filling it would be pain in the a**?
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    What do you want?

    That would be nice :p
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    The forum sweepstake is over. Here are the winners!

    Damnit! Better luck next time mby :<
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    What do you want?

    How about a review section? Some website review your product and it would be nice to put somelink on the forum. With a country tag like "[FRENCH] - VPP775 with Eisdeck Top review" Maybe it could help ppl in there product choice and also give feedback on the review? So both side can get usefull...
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    Possible replacement for my Eiswolf

    Im not using AIO, but it sound to me like your pump is runing dry :s Maybe it's a stupid question (not like i care but it's a way to learn stuff :p), did you try to put back your rad on the way he was before? Maybe you got a air buble stuck somewhere ? Tryed to shack your build?