Advice on Eisbaer solo 2600


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Hi can the eisbaer solo 2600 be able to run 2 by 240 radiators to cool ryzen 7700x and radeon rx 7800xt? Am building in a small jonsbo tk1 case.


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The 3600 is very noisy. We use it only for industrial solutions. I would not recommend the pump in a normal PC. And also with 3600rpm it will be a bit to weak for this setup. Could work, but i am really not sure.
Not sure if it fits in this case, but maybe behind the mainboard tray:

Pump Top:
Reservoir for this Pump Top:


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Thanks. I'll switch to Alphacool Core 100 Aurora D5/VPP. Tell me, is it possible to have it painted white from the factory? As well as the GPU cooler backplate?

I wanna build a white theme.


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Hi, unfortunately we can´t make them painted white from the factory. They´re only available in black.