Flow sensor 17558


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Bought two sensors 17558 , one came with detached thermo cables ; one the other cables were nearly gone too . Manage to repair one . Somehow they reading the RPM value wrong . Seems unit with thermometer broken it´s read good value but the other unit ( fully functional after fix the NTC) it´s reading wrong.

Actually my main concern is :

online instruction contain a flow l/h to rpm table

Screenshot 2024-02-09 121431.jpg

Units i bought came with with instruction with flow rpm to l/H table


Both instruction say "V.1.00-06.2020" , both for 17558 model , so now i´m missing something o_O (so i´m aking , before buy the 3rd one...)
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Choose the online instruction please. You got a version with an older manual. Unfortunately, a table was specified there that was for a different sensor. The online table is always the latest version and the one that is correct.