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Hi there,

I order a certain number of products and payout instantly, but since then the order status still :
8 May 2024 02:15:48 Wartet auf Bearbeitung
8 May 2024 02:16:01 In process

And nothing update, i already send an email to info@alphacool.com with tracking, my email as been reviewed the 12th may at 10.24 a.m without any responding to it at this time (already check spam and other sections of my webmail).

I just want to know if my order is "accepted", the payment as been taken from my account so nothing wrong on my side,
and if the order is accepted why after one week the order status still "in process" ?

By any chance can i have a date range of when my order will be send from alphacool stocks ?

Best regards,

Thank in advance
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Finally, info@alphacool.com got back to me today and explained that it was because there was still a product missing from stock and they gave me a date when my order will be sent from the alphacool stocks.

Thank you anyway for your response,