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First of all i want to say hallo to everyone couse im new here.
Same im new to watercooling and new to modding so please be gentle in judging my work - its my 1st modding.
Just finished my project:
1. watercooling on Radeon RX 6700 (i know its not fast one but it was loudy and now its not) + new backplate + shroud.
I used nexxxos GPX solo block, copper plate for mounting bracket (it cover GPU, memory blocks and VRMs), aluminium heatsinks and plates.
2. watercooling CPU with Eisbaer solo block but i have changed whole exterior of it.
3. some minor mod to case (FD Define S2)
4. 2.5'' mount for SSD
5. forget about GPU holder
Still have some work to do with it (like some radiators will be changed) so there is little mess inside with cables.
And i use alphacool extension tubes for 2 reasons - quick release (fast and easy remodelling rig) and becouse its my 1st time with watercooling .

So here some of pics00000100a.JPG00000098a.JPG00000097a.JPG00000092a.JPG00000093a.JPG00000092aa.JPG00000093aa.JPG00000094aa.JPG00000095aa.JPG00000096aa.JPG


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Foret to add my gear:
MB - Asrock B550 Taichi Razer Edition
CPU - Ryzen 5600x
GPU - Sapphire 6700
RAM - 4x8GB Corsair
GPU is paired with 2x alphacool st30 140mm (planning to replace it with 1x AC XT45 X-flow 140mm on top of case and 1x XT45 240mm in bottom of case) and with Corsair XD3 pump
CPU is paired with 1x Corsair XR5 140mm radiator now (before was XR5 120mm added but i remove it and planning to replace it with AC XT45 120mm x-flow) - pump is build in block.
GPU has max 45 deg (55 deg at hot spot)
CPU has max 60 deg with 1x 140mm corsair radiator

Of course, I'm waiting for any advice or comments
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just change 1x140mm and 1x120mm corsair radiators into 1x alphacool 240mm X-flow (for CPU only) and now i have less tubes in case and little bit lower temps. Already ordered AC XT45 `40mm X-flow as a ST30 140mm replacement but that 2x ST30 140mm Rads are more then enought for my GPU (i wrote my temps above but forgot to mention that fans operating about 900 rpm even during full load. Second S30 140mm rad i will replace with 240mm one (i.e. EKWB EK-CoolStream PE 240 - 38mm thick) but only after GPU replace (planning for end of this year Radeon 8XXX 200-250W one (8800XT???).
Rad on picture is in push/pull mode but push fans are placed instead of top of case so will need to make top case cover - during creating how will it looks like so it will take me some time to do that (i lack of free time unfortunately). Same with rear 140mm fan - need some cover.