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    Solo LT Making Horrible Noise

    Hi There, this does not sound healty ar all. There is two options that we can offer. You contact Aquatuining regarding RMA or if you think you are able to change the pump we can send you one to replace the damaged one. Shipping will cost between 50 and 60 $. Depends which part in the US you live.
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    order #30122472

    You are very welcome.
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    order #30122472

    Hi, the package was send out on the 4th of August. On the 6th it left Germany and it is on the way to the US. I will PM you the tracking number in a minute.
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    LT360 Pump Stopped Working: Order 30109599

    Okay, please write an email to . We will send you a pump asap. Thank you.
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    Cancel order 30122414

    You are very welcome Patrik and we have also refund the ammount today in the morning back to your credit card account. You should receive it today or latest tomorrow. You have a nice day too.
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    Cancel order 30122414

    Your order has been cancelled. You have been informed via email about the balance to pay so we can ship you the new order. Please check your spam folder. The email was sent today in the morning at 08:48.
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    Cancel order 30122414

    Hi Patrik, Are you sure with the order number? I can not find anything in our system with this number. Could you please re-check and let us know? Thank you.
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    LT360 Pump Stopped Working: Order 30109599

    Hi there, we are sorry for the trouble. As you have purchased the product directly from us we would replace the pump/block unit but the LT version is out of stock and we are acepting them to be on stock again mid of October. Do you think you can replace the pump by your own?
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    Pump Alphacool Eisbaer 280 Dead

    Hi there, we are sorry to hear that. Yes the product is under warranty and Amazon has to replace it. You need to contact your reseller directly. If they refuse just let us know so we can take action. You can PM me any time for further help. Thank you.
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    Rma Alphacool Borosilicate Glass HardTube 11mm ID, 16mm

    No this should be not the case it has to be the same size. Are you using our connections? If yes which ones? Please contact Titan Rig regarding this issue. They will send you a replacement part.
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    Waterblock for RTX 2070 super Gigabyte gaming OC 3X

    This is very risky to do so. The card can be easily damaged :) But thank you for the information.
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    Alphacool VPP655-PWM failed

    Than you need to contact PPC,s regarding RMA replace please.
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    Eisblock Aurora Plexi and Eisball LED Ring Not Working

    That would be better really. You will get soon or late problems with the pump if you run it upside down.
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    Eisbaer Aurora RGB LT240 AIO Release?

    We will publish it at our home page and send news letters. Gerne :)