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    Got an M16 but it doesn't fit my 1080Ti

    @Merkba who do you mean by that? Us or Danny_G13?
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    Strange noise from the Alphacool Eisbaer 360 pump

    Have you tried to send the video to ?
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    Strange noise from the Alphacool Eisbaer 360 pump

    Hi Landry, this sounds pretty much like air in the system. Have you checked the water level or tried to get the air out of the reservoir? May i ask where you are from?
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    Alphacool Eiswand 360 CPU - black for ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2080 Ti AMP 11GB GDDR6 352-bit SPECTRA RGB LED Metal Backplate Graphics Card - ZT-T208

    Hi Pampa, can you can shoot us an email with your address to ? After receiving the email we can create an offer and let you know with details.
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    Thank you Alphacool. 1st place Firestrike

    We are glad that you are satisfied with the product :) have fun with it ^^
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    Alphacool-eiswolf-240-gpx-pro-nvidia-geforce-rtx tubing lenght

    Hi there, the tubing is approx. 32 cm long :)
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    Eisbear 360 LT

    No problems and thank you for the email.
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    Eisbear 360 LT

    I need you to write an email to please. We need your address and let you know with the necessary steps.
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    Eisbear 360 LT

    We can send you the unit for free to replace the old one. Is this solution okay for you? I ment the CPU block/pump unit
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    Alphacool Eisbecher Helix 250mm Reservoir Pump Mount

    I am sorry for the late answer i just did not saw this thread. We have a lot of different types of tops for the D5. Please check below:
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    Eisbear 360 LT

    Well i would say maybe the CPU unit is congested. I do not have any other idea really. You think you are able to change the CPU unit and refill the system? If yes we can send you a new unit and hopefully this issue will be solved after it.
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    Chipsatzkühler für X570 Mainboard

    Hut ab Sir :oops: Respekt, sieht echt gut aus :)
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    Eisbear 360 LT

    Not to use PVM or any other function i ment
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    DHL Shipping

    Hi, DHL does not forward the package by their self like UPS. They work with the locaol Post service provider and the Postal service from the country where the package is headed to. Only the express delivery service is handled by DHL directly.
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    Eisbear 360 LT

    Have you tried to connect the pump directly without to use any other function like PVM?