3rd Party Digital Display hardware for Eisbear Aurora 360 RBG ?


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Hi all,

I recently bought my first AIO ever so am technically new to this sub space. I am happy with the overall build quality of the Aurora however there is one thing I really miss which is a clear visible indicator that the Pump / System is actually doing something. (yes I know it should work but I just would like to see this without having monitoring software open all the time). The only indicator the Eisbear offers the window on top of the pump, which can not be seen if the machine is placed besides my desk (at the same level, not the ground.) I could have known this before purchase yes but as said I am new to watercooling and such things - or the lack of- do only surface when having it live in operation.

I am close to consider returning it despite I like it so maybe someone can give me some hints.

Is there any 3rd Party provider that offers plug and play LED / LCD / OLED displays that *fit for sure* with the Eisbears tubing ? It would be interesting to get stats like flow rate, water temperature, CPU etc. (including Software ! - as far as I have seen Alphacool does not have any software right ? Not sure why actually)

I have seen some cool stuff on Youtube people placing a Rasberry LCD in their machine and i.e use AIDA64 to get stats displayed but honestly this costs in total again like 60 EUR (at least if not more) and unfortunaltey I dont have time for this right now. I might consider doing something like that at some later stage for my build anyways but cant right now. AIDA also has yearly fee even for the basic version so no thanks. The other softwares I have seen so far are not that great or also not that cheap in relation that its just some toying around what I need.

I am actually searching something ready to use like the NZXT Z63 or Z73 AIO has. I understand their CAM software is not the best but I just totally love the feature of displaying GIFs alongside the tech stats etc. (I did not get a NZXT because its a turnoff for me that the only use aluminium and shitty fans for a price over 230ish EUR)

Any idea that does not require too much tinkering due to lack of time, greatly appreciated. I rather ask here first then starting the google journey as it would be most interesting who has an Eisbear with an Display in use already ?

PS yes for those who say its useless or a waste of money, I just fell in love when a guy put some Mario Slot Machine Gifs on his NZXT Display, I so badly want the same but with the Eisbear it just triggered me.

thanks all


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Every mainboad i know can read out the rpm of the pump on every fan header. For some connections, you can set a warning signal in the bios. If the pump goes out or does not start, the mainboard can emit a warning signal. This is usually a very annoying beep.
Our plans for displays and control elements have been postponed because we are currently too busy in the enterprise area. But it is on the to-do list. But when we will offer something like that, I can't tell you.
As for third-party displays, I can't help you. Understandably, we don't test such things. Why should we test competing products with our products? Nobody does that.
Purely from my private side and knowledge, I can't think of a favourable solution either. With all solutions, you will end up with at least 60 or more euros.


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Thanks Eddy, I see your point but a 3rd Party provider of i.e Displays only (not selling water cooling or anything like that) would not really be a competitor of yours there are multiple other business areas where such cooperations are done . Yes the MB can read those signals but I think you are with me that a visual (LED) indication in the case would be much nicer then a beep or having to have a software open on your desktop.

I have read in the meantime that its possible to link the RGB from the Pump to the temperature (i.e staying blue when fine, turning orange - red when get critical etc). Do you guys have any recommendation on that ? As mentioned I couldnt find any Alphacool software but might have been blind on the webpage.

Sounds great yor are planning Displays as well. I keep watching this space for any updates. I guess in the meantime maybe the raspberry project is a nice alternative still even if time consuming. (since it doesnt just cover the Water cooling but the whole system stats)