4080 flashing Gainward Phantom GS bios to Palit Gamerock


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been having on order the 4080 Palit Gamerock OC for about 2 months and still not in stock, but the base Gamerock gets regularly restocked.
Everyone says the PCB of Gamerock and Phantom are the same, also the waterblock fits both (planning to get the Alphacool Eisblock or Alphacool Core)

The GameRock OC bios is not in techpowerup vga bios database but I've found the Phantom GS is.
So was wondering if anyone tried flashing the Palit bios to Gainward or vice versa.

Would really like the higher power limit of the Gamerock OC/Phantom GS but kinda tired of waiting for it to be restocked.
The Gamerock is also pretty good price and 4080 are getting more and more expensive so would like to buy soon.
The Phantom I can't get in my country at all (only their lower tier Phoenix cards - equivalent to Palit GamingPro I assume)

It has a dual bios so I am kinda thinking of getting it and trying to flash it and if it doesn't work just return the card.
Alternatively if there was someone here with the 4080 GameRock OC it would be great if you could upload your bios to techpowerup, it only takes few minutes via GPUZ you most likely already have anyway.