AIO's Software - to control the alphacool pumps



I am trying to find a proper software for AlphaCool products, but i am not able to. I am missing something?


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you can control our Leds, fans and pump simply over your BIOS or your motherboard own software like MSI Dragon center.


Hi - thanks a lot for the prompt response,
Actually its way better without software/drivers at the end of the day, i am quite unhappy with some other manufactures right now. So that is a positive news for me.

I am working on a project now, and once i am done i will post it here, to seek help for the config. : ) Thanks a lot!


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Im totally new at this. I run a kraken z63 aio for my 5800x cpu. Now I added the eiswolf 2 gpu aio. I wanted the eiswolf fans to respond to the gpu temps. I found a program on git hub called Fan Control. It will let me set the eiswolf fans to follow the gpu temp. Also full control of case fans. Check out the video on YouTube, search for Fan control software.


Hei thanks for sharing - i postponed my upgrade to AM5 for month or two, as currently lots of things are not on the market. But i will check out the video for sure!