Alphacool Tornado 60 280 Fan probleme


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I have recently purchased the DYI KIT tornado with 60mmX280 rad and double 140mm silent wings3.
After assembling everything I ran some tests and both fans only spin at 1300RPM.s
I cant seem to find the specifications for these fans but on the Bequiet website it says fans have 2200rpm cap.
Are the fans from this kit 100% the same as normal SilentWings 3?


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1300 rpm is max. That are real Silent Wings 3 fans. But we decided that 1300rpm is enough for a water cooling set, so they are throttled. And by the way.... in german you can get the Silent Wing 3 fans also with max 1600 rpm.


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Probleme is, the radiator is so thick that these fans lack SP or RPM.s to actualy make air go through the rad.
Wich meens that since i only had space in my case to put the rad as intake, after i setup everything temps inside my case go bananas and my GFx goes from 60cº in full load to 80cº becouse the rad totally strangles the airflow.
So no, these silent wings are simply not enough.