Compatibility Eisfluegel Aurora flow with AquaComputer Aquaero 6


New member

Unfortunately the screw holes on my current flow meter (AquaComputer High flow) were stripped very easily. After I tried to repair it, I was unable to seal it properly and I have given up on the sensor. So I am looking for an alternative. I have found the Eisfluegel Aurora flow and I was hoping to use this flow sensor with my Aquaero 6. Both the Eusfluegel Aurora and the RPM port of the Aquaero 6 are 3 pin, they share the same layout but the signal provided by the Aquaero 6 is only 5V instead of the max. 12 volt provided by regular 3-pin fan connectors. Would the sensor still be compatible with the Aquaero 6 even though it 'only' provides 5V?

Thanks for your support!