CPU cooling with space constraints


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Hi, I have some purchase questions about CPU cooling products. Hopefully somebody can help answer.

1- Due to space constraints, I would use either an Eisblock 1U + DC-LT pump, or an Eisbaer LT solo. I wonder if there is an advantage or disadvantage of going one way or the other. Only thing I see right away is that Eisbaer installation might be easier ...?
2- Once again space constraints, I can only use a 80mm radiator. I would choose this NexXxos UT60 so that it's at least thick. I wonder if this simple loop could be enough to cool a 105W TDP CPU (e.g. Ryzen 3900X, can consume up to 150W) or else I have to go with a lower TDP, or use ECO mode.
3- Finally I plan on getting a filling kit as well. I would like recommendations on which accessories would be needed to fill this small loop.


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The Eisbock 1U has got bigger cooling surface as the LT. If you want to use the UT 60 i would recommend to get a stronger pump. The TDP is not a problem for the radiator. Do you have enough space to use the radiator on push/pull formation? We have the product below for the filling purpose: