Eisbaer 140 with LT pump


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I am looking for a AIO cooling solution for my small form factor pc(SG13).

I am looking for 140mm AIO cpu cooler. This is the maximum size radiator I can fit in my case. Also I plan to upgrade my cooling loop with gpu block and I think 140mm would be more future proof.

I really liked expandability and modular approach of Eisbaer coolers.

First I have stumbled on Alphacool Eisbaer 140 AIO. But the pump wont fit as my case have 61mm cpu cooler height restriction.
120 LT version of Eisbaer pump will probably fit. Price is nice but 120mm radiator will be sub-optimal if I want to upgrade to cpu-gpu cooling loop.

Aplphacool has separate 140mm radiator and separate Eisbaer LT pump for sale. But then the price for the whole kit become uncompetitive. 60+ euro for the LT pump alone. For the same price I can get whole Eisbaer 120L

My current specs:
Case: SG13
CPU R2600
GPU RX 580

any advice apreciated


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How to calculate radiator requirement for a particular setup?
Does alphacool have recomended TDP for each radiator?

Watercooling comunity rule of thumb is 120x120mm for each component. It is ambiguous since gpu can have 3x TDP of a cpu. Also radiator thickness and fin density is not taken in to account.

My plan is to gradualy build to a full loop setup.

I have 85mm thickess budget. Minus 25mm fan gives me 60mm for a radiator.
Any idea of how much a 120x120x60 rad can desipate? Like this one
Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 120mm radiator

With some case modifications I might be able to fit 140x140x45mm rad.
What would be a TDP of XT45 Full Copper 140mm radiator V.2 ?


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Well this depends on the conditions / envoirment and the used fans really. With normal fans (1300RPM) the UT60 120mm has a TDP of approx.. 200W and the 140mm XT45 approx.. 280W. For example with 8000 RPM running fans and cold air in the room the TDP of the 120mm can go up to 1000W and the 140mm one up to 1200W. As i wrote to you above the TDP depends on how you use the radiators/fans depending on the envoirment .


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Thanks Metropolis34, I will use these numbers as a reference.

My environment is pretty standard. Room temperature is around 22-24C. Quiet 1500rpm fans, probably NF-A14 PWM. 140mm XT45 rad should be enough. Cpu + GPU is around 65+185W, 250W total

I just wish there was 60mm variant of v2 radiator. That one would be the cool (pun intended) and quiet.

Let me know if you want pictures of the install.

P.S. Including approximate TDP (under some standard conditions) in radiator specs would be useful.


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Well this is a problem to put the TDP rate as guidline to the product descripton bcause of several reasons. If a customer asks us we will answer him directly regarding this issue. Sur you can post some pictures about the install :)