Eisbear 360 LT


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you can refill it as it shown in this video. But I personally think for the Eisbaer LT the Video how to refill an Eiswolf is better since it is nearly the same.
The Only different is that you refill the system over the Fillport on the Eisbaer LT and not over the radiator.
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All done, changed whats needed and did few tests ( stock )stock zmiana11m.jpg
with my oc settings its looking like:ocpowymianie.jpg
but prime95 still overkill the cooling
I'm not sure that at 150W cooling should perform better? also changed fans from stock to Noctua NF-A12x25 x3 + one 140mm
Alpenföhn Wing Boost 2 and radiator position into front have 3x SilientWings 3 as outtake (2 top 1 back ) fans its Eisbaer 360 limit?
front case.jpg
side case.jpg


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Hmm, have you tried to reapply the paste and reseat the cooler again? (i know you did with the first one, I mean since making the changes)

Also, have you tried turning the radiator the other way around so that the tubes are at the bottom (I know you won't be able to keep it like that without changing the tubing, but it is good to try for testing purposes?

The 9900k is a hot chip, but a 360 radiator should be able to keep it under control, maybe not under full load for extended periods of time, but still shouldn't be peaking like this.


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I've tried few versions even on table with tubes on bottom and top and side, with top of case, and with infront, I reseated cooler two times people on overclock forum said that any 360aio should perform better thats why asking you what I can test to be sure.
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