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Eiswasser pastel settling


New member
Hello. This is my first build using a pastel coolant. I was test running my loop but turned it off overnight. In the morning it was noticeably separated, similar to what I found in the bottles (the whitish part did go into solution when I shook the bottles as per instructions). There does not seem to be enough turbulence in the loop to disperse the separated out part. There is a similar thing happening in the horizontal sections of the tubing. I am using Eiswasser Pastel Green UV-Active. I guess what I'm asking is if this is the way pastel works or is there a problem with the coolant?


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New member
I filled the loops and ran them for about 10 hours and then shut it down for about 8 hours. This is the result.


Staff member
and then shut it down for about 8 hours
That should be the problem. This will happen on the spot where the flow isn´t much. The particels will drop out. The computer has to run 24/7 continuously to avoid such problems. It can even turn worse and destroy your pump.
This fluid is only for modding purposes not for normal use. We advise to take it out of the system after one or two weeks.