Eiswolf 2 For RX6900 - How Can I Tell if my Pump is Running?

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I recently installed an Alphacool Eiswolf 2 AIO - 360mm Radeon RX 6800/6800XT/6900 Reference Design with Backplate (14423) I am getting the red led and my temps are in the 40's, so I think the pump is working. However, I can't seem to control the pump in the BIOS. I have tried multiple fan headers and an AIO_PUMP header, but nothing I do allows me to control the pump. I am less worried about controlling the pump rather than wanting to know how to tell if my pump is running. I hear nothing when I put my ear to the pump. If it running at 100% then that is great compared to not running at all. Thank you in advance for any information.
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I have answered you already in your other post. Therefore I will close this Thread. Please don´t double post.
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