ES Orbiter 360 TS for external cooling!


Marc the Marc-eting Guy
Staff member
Excellent cooling for industrial applications! With the ES Orbiter 360 TS, Alphacool introduces a compact external cooling system.

The powerful ES Orbiter is equipped with two NexXxoS Full Copper radiators of the HPE variant. The increased number of water channels and copper fins allows more coolant to flow through the radiator for significantly increased cooling performance. The radiators are optimally ventilated by the three built-in Alphacool Core 120mm fans. Thus, a high waste heat of up to 1500 watts can be effectively dissipated.

The compact design of the Orbiter 360 TS is kept simple. It not only has an illuminated, colored temperature display, but also two recessed handles that allow for easy lifting or transportation. On the fill level indicator on the front, it is possible to see how much coolant is in the cooling system. The fill port and the adjacent vent valve on the top make it easy to top up the liquid when needed.
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 378,80 x 224,46 x 185,30mm
- Material: housing: aluminium, steel; radiators: copper; tubes: TPV (EPDM)
- Total power consumption. 17,7W
- Threads: Fillport 1x G1/4“; water connections 2x G1/4“; air balance connection 1x G1/4“
- Permitted operating temperature: 75°C (industrial applications)
- Reservoir volume: 445ml
- Pump max. pumping head: 3,125m
- Fan max. air flow rate: 83,3m³/h​

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