Graphene can it be used as a cpu cooler?


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My supervisor was telling me about graphene strips and how they are better at transferring heat than thermal paste. He was stating you can use it in replacement of thermal paste. Is this really a thing? If so where can one acquire some. I am not getting the cooling quality I want with the Grizzle Thermal paste and was trying to find something better. My 3dmark score with a i9 9900ks nvidia 2080ti 32gb of ddr4 ram is scoring 13 234 on 3dmark. I want to overclock it some and try to get my score higher but I am having Temperature issues as it is.
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Graphene strips have a similar performance like cheap thermal grease. Good or high end termal grease is much better than any graphene strip. There is a reason why this stuff never caught really on in the pc sector. Any brand can offer it, and there are many suppliers from whom you can buy the stuff cheaply in bulk.