How do I initiate an RMA?


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RMA / Replace Customers,

To start an RMA here in the forum, we need you to open your own thread (this makes it easier to find and comment).
Here, you can describe to us your problem. If possible attach pictures or a video, so we can have as much information as possible.
You can call and let us know with your order number or customer number so that we can find you in our system.
If you ordered from one of our retailers like Aquatuning, Alternate, etc., do not worry, we'll help you as much as we can anyway. In this case,as above, please send us pictures or upload a video. We will try to help you as soon as possible.
Please note that a return or replacment can only be done by the reseller where the product was purchased from.
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Don't know what photos you'd want to see of a pump that died? Especially since you can't see it spin with out tearing the Eisbaer 120 apart. I can send you a receipt of purchase from Amazon. How do I know it's the pump? The fans work fine but I'm getting temps over 100 C in BIOS. I swapped the Alphacool AOI with the stock AMD fan, and temps are right as rain. Not recreating that situation to post that photo for obvious reasons. Oh ...and while I'm here what do you guys want to do with that Eisbaer 240 you sent me?

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