How do i troubleshoot my Eisbaer 240?


New member
Hello, in the last few days my pc has been giving me CPU OVER TEMPERATURE ERROR.
I'm trying to troubleshoot but everything points to the watercooler. There is indeed alittle transparent window in the model but i cant actually tell if the pump's working or not. I disassembled everything and cleaned it alredy, but the problem still persists.
Is there a way i can see if the flow is actually happening?
And also how do i control the DC-LT 2600 pump speed? can i throttle it? lower it?
I live in Brazil so if you have any recommendation on support and spare parts i'd also be thankful.


Staff member
Hi there, if the PC gives you temperature error means to me that the pump is not working. Where have you bought the product from? Yes you can run the pump via adapter cable at 7, 9 and 12V.