I fixed my Eiswolf 2 RTX 3080 high VRAM temps!


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Product: Alphacool Eiswolf 2 AIO - 360mm RTX 3090/3080
Article number: 11931
GPU: Inno3D GeForce RTX 3080 Twin X2 OC, 10240 MB GDDR6X

I ran into the same problem as many others: VRAM breaching 100°C at 100% TDP.
Turns out that my card needs 1.2-1.3mm thermal pads with the Eiswolf Zwei.
(It used 0.8mm with the awful stock cooler)

Vram temps are 30°C lower now.

Ambient temperature: 25°C

320W @ MSI Kombustor FurMark-Donut-6500MB, 15 minutes
Alphacool fans @ 1500 rpm
(loud, but bearable)

Gelid GP-Ultimate 1mm thermal pads:
Core: 65°C
Vram: 106°C
HotSpot: 74°C

Gelid GP-Ultimate 1.5mm thermal pads flattened to ~1.2mm:
Core: 66°C
Vram: 76°C
HotSpot: 77°C

80W (5k×1440@240Hz HDR) @ desktop idle
Alphacool fans @ 700 rpm

Gelid GP-Ultimate 1mm thermal pads:
Core: 36°C
Vram: 64°C
HotSpot: 54°C

Gelid GP-Ultimate ~1.2mm thermal pads:
Core: 36°C
Vram: 48°C
HotSpot: 54°C

Story time
First I was using Gelid GP-Ultimate 1mm thermal pads:

Then I tried 1.5mm:2.jpg

Too thick:

So I flattened the 1.5mm's a bit by rolling a small bottle over them
Edit: don't bother doing this, just e-mail Alphacool support (info@alphacool.com) for thermal pads with appropriate thickness.

I could have discarded the excess thermal pad surface, but I've already spent countless hours installing this cooler:

To my surprise, it finally fit well enough. Hotspot is a bit higher, but temps are excellent all-around.
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