MSI Mega motherboard & XPX Aurora Pro RGB


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I could use some help with attaching Alphacool products with my MSI x299 Mega motherboard.
The motherboard has several RGB inputs but has a severe warning about placing them incorrectly.
I also have the AlphaCool Eislicht led but it has a male end to it; must I use an adapter to connect to the mobo?

Attached is a picture of the RGB inputs on the mobo.


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    MSI Meg Creation mobo RGB config.jpg
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HI @Porkchop
as you can see in the manual you have aRGB or DRGB and RGB. The Jranbow is the 5V aRGB header and the JRGB is the 12V RGB header.
On the Eislicht is a male adapter mounted which you can remove. Then you can mount it on a male header on your mainboard.


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Vanzin, thanks so much! This makes more sense EXCEPT... after checking the website, I found the Eislicht uses a 4 pin end which absolutely does not come off... I tried VERY hard with pliers and I feel any harder would damange it. I did but a one to three extension but now I'm wondering does the Eislicht connect to the JRGB 12v or a 5V aRGB?