msi RTX 4090 suprim liquid x water block with stock back plate


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Hello I own an msi suprim liquid x 4090 and I've decided to do my first water cooling loop in my pc.
However, I really like the backplate that comes with the card, so my question is: would I be able to use one of the water blocks compatible with this gpu with the stock back plate? The water block I was looking at is this one.

From the videos I've watched of teardowns and installations I don't really see a reason why I wouldn't be able to use the stock back plate but I just want to make sure.

Thank you.


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if you can use the original Backplate is depending on the Backplate and how it is mounted. If the Backplate is longer then the PCB, you can´t use it. If it is the same size, you have to check where and how it will be mounted on the water block. You will also need different screws to use the original Backplate.