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New or used parts? Are there "best" parts?


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Hey guys, I'm planning my first custom loop here and need some advice. I can't seem to find a "real" answer to these questions.
Are used parts okay/good to get? I'm starting with soft tubing and doing some basic case mods, and know down the line I'm going to move to hard tubing and do a lot of custom stuff for the case. It might take a while(money reasons), but I definitely will be updating the loop. Should I just buy new parts since I know I'll be using and re-using them? Or are used parts still fine(depending on condition)? Are there any solid negatives to buying used?
Second, are there "best" watercooling parts? Something like the radiator and fans obviously perform differently, but for a D5 pump, fittings, tubing, and blocks, is it generally just preference on looks/features? Are some brands just inherently "better" than others?
Also random question, If I do end up doing some really awesome custom stuff, is doing a build log worth it? I have no idea a timeline on the build, I have a lot of ideas and I'm sure it's gonna be fucking way too much money. Do people only do watercooling logs if they know a timeline/it's actually going to get finished?

Watercooling noob guy

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Puuh this are a lot of questions. Used part generally does not mean that it performs worse or better. This products are fully functional and they do their job. Some of them have optical damages like scratches etc. We offer for B-Products one year warranty so if a product does not work we can replace it.

Are some brands just inherently "better" than others?
You cant generalise this point. Some brands are going more for desing some for performance.

Also random question, If I do end up doing some really awesome custom stuff, is doing a build log worth it?
I would do that. Sometimes people are sharing their ideas which is a good thing i think.

Do people only do watercooling logs if they know a timeline/it's actually going to get finished?
There is no time line really. It tooks as long it has to and i my self like to follow such work.

if you have any other question just feel free to ask.


Most questions already seem to be answered.
But I want to say a few things, too.
Used Parts from other people, without any warranty, are not worth it. You never knew what fluids they used and such things.

Making a log, or time-line seems to be a great idea. Especially if this is your first build.
Don't start with hardtubes, without someone is helping you with knowledge about this.
It is much more expensive and mistakes can cost a lot more.

But with a lot of photos you will have your own step by step guide and it will be easy to find little mistakes on your way to perfection. And if you decide to expand your system, or switch to hardtubes, you surely will find someone in your family or friends, that can use your used parts, to start their own custom loop.
That's how I started.

With a D5 pump you will have enough power for even the biggest loops.
The difference between the manufacturers out there are mostly optical, or special materials, or such things.
The cooling power is mostly only a few degrees different. (talking about 1-4 degrees)
So choose what fits best to your preferred optic.
But remember: colored liquids will need a bit more maintenance. The pump is your heart, so don't choose the cheapest. Better never use aluminum radiators, copper is the best choise. 13/10 tubes are easy to install, but bend easily, 16/10 don't bend so easily. EDPM tubes are a really good choise, but PVC are available in clear and different colors. And always think of an outlet to empty the system.
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