NEW - The Alphacool Eisblock Aurora 180° Terminal


Marc the Marc-eting Guy
Staff member
Limitless flexibility with the Eisblock Aurora 180° Terminal! Alphacool presents the newest member of its innovative product line: the Aurora 180° Terminal, an addition to any Eisblock GPU cooler. Designed for enthusiasts and modders, this new terminal is the perfect solution for complex modding projects or systems where every inch counts.

This newly designed terminal replaces the standard terminal of the Eisblock GPU cooler and offers a significant improvement: it positions the connections directly above the backplate. This greatly minimizes the depth of the cooling block and allows for seamless integration into tight spaces. With three connection options for each input and output - top, side and rear - the Aurora 180° terminal guarantees exceptional flexibility. This versatility not only makes installation easier, but also optimizes the air and water flow paths in your system.

The Aurora 180° terminal is characterized by its appealing design, which is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The slim, magnetic cover can be reversed depending on the installation direction, creating a tidy and attractive look.

The Alphacool Eisblock Aurora 180° terminal is now available in our online store.
  • Flexible connection options
  • Relocates connections to backplate
  • Simple installation