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Problems with Eisbaer LT


New member
I’ve got an Eisbaer LT240 running EK 16/10 tubing with a GPU added to the loop.

My pump keeps starting then stopping over and over. I can see the water level go down in the reservoir when it starts but after like 2 seconds it dies and repeats the process.

The whole loop is brand new and was working before. What in the world is going on here??


Staff member
If you see that the water goes down in the reservoir, than you have air in your loop. Your loop is not filled enough. And if the pump gets air, you will kill the pump.


New member
But I'm more than positive that there is no air in the pump. I spent a few hours yesterday making sure there were no air bubbles anywhere in the loop especially around the pump and the same behaviour persisted.

I then decided to remove the block and hooked it up to a reservoir by itself and filled it up and it still does this. Even gave it external power instead of the mobo's fan header and still no change.

Am I running into some sort of built in protections for the pump? Everything seems like it's hooked up correctly.

Help me pls :(


Staff member
Hi, it is hard to tell from distance what the problem is really. If the pump stops and starts over and over i assume it s a problem on the PCB or layout.
You need to return the product back to your reseller regarding RMA replace.