ROG Themed 011 Mini

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Time for a new build!

The recent ASUSFext build was my first experience using a Lian Li case for a full-on build, but, as it happens, I have an 011 Mini literally sat here doing nothing from an article I did for Maximum PC, so.....why not make use of it right?

So, yes, it's another 011 build, I know, I know the forums and socials are already full of them but I do think it would be a great little case to make use of for what I have in mind. I'm looking around at what hardware I have spare at the moment, most of my parts are recycled from build to build but as I sit writing this and posting the first log update, I'm growing more fond of this case and build already

The theme is of course ROG as the title suggests, people know I love ASUS hardware and this build will incorporate their parts with some CyberText glass etching and a simple, crisp color scheme.

The hardware then for this update includes the Lian Li 011 Dynamic Mini, ASUS Maximus Hero XIII, Intel 11700K, and TeamGroup XCalibur RAM. This is then complemented by Seagate storage, using their FireCuda 510 1TB, FireCuda 520 (Gen 4) 500GB, and an Ironwolf Pro 10TB. Power will come from a be quiet! SFX L unit, but this may change depending on if I can source a 3000 series GPU, if not this will be the ASUS ROG Strix 2070.

As always this will be a full custom Alphacool based loop, and for a change to the usual fans seen in this case, I will be using the Alphacool Eiszyklon Aurora LUX Digital RGB 120mms. The AC logo will be getting covered with some custom stickers to clean up the theme.

Progress today has been fairly straightforward, the motherboard is now packed full of hardware and installed along with a 240mm to the rear wall and a 360mm to the bottom of the case. 6 fans are also in with 3 more coming for the top rail. The fans come with an included controller that can cover up to 10 fans, so we have enough space to run a single unit.

That's it for today, then I'm now to decide which pump/res to use and figure out the loop order, the next update will drop soon, hopefully by then the PGU and power have been confirmed and it will be time to start running some pipes!


Cre8 Modding

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Time to wrap this one up!

Since coming back off holiday I have been invited to the Zotac Magnus One Challenge, plus potentially might be joining a couple of other events and so I need to get this one out of the way! The final config changed slightly but includes custom ROG decals to all fans and custom cables for the be quiet! PSU. I was going to etch the side and front glass with the ROG Cyber Text at an angle but I honestly think it would be too much, I prefer the hint of ROG for a subtle change!

Final specs:

Lian Li 011 Dynamic Mini
ASUS Maximus Hero XIII
Intel 11700K
Seagate FireCuda 520 500Gb
Seagate FireCuda 510 1TB
Seagate IronWolf Pro 10TB
TeamGroup XCalibur 32Gb
be quiet! SFX-L 600W
Full custom Alphacool Loop / Fans
Custom Decals / Cables