Swapping the pump of Eisbaer Solo LT


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I was trying to swap the pump of the Eisbaer Solo LT to the 3600 rpm version and I do understand the noise of it is much louder.

However, I do found it very hard to tear down the plastic top shield shown in the picture attached here.

I had looked into the structural Nox Vidmate VLC design of this block yet I did find that there is actually no screw that is holding this plate on the block. Therefore, I don't know what is the proper way to do this, should I use heat gun because it might be glued? Or I need to push harder.

Looking forward to a gentle solution that is not going to do some structural damage.

Or I actually cannot tear it down.

Thanks in advance.
I have a 2600 DC LT pump arriving in a few days and was wondering if there were instructions on how to teardown the LT in order to replace the broken pump.
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