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Switch tubes on Eisbaer 280 Aurora


New member

This is maybe a stupid question.....
I have recently rebuild my computer in an new case, the Lian Li O11 mini. The case is somewhat awkward in that I positioned the radiator vertical beside and in the same plane as the mainboard.
Also, the pump housing can only be mounted in two ways due to the dual chiplet design of the AMD 5900x. The pump window has to face the PCI slots (looking down) or 180 deg. rotated (looking upward).
Al in al it results in that one tube seems short and is rather stretched (see picture) and the other seems to long. It would look much nicer if the tube connection could be switched on one end.

My question is; Is it possible to just switch the tubes on e.g. the radiator?
The coolant would still be traveling through the pump in the same direction. Only the direction through the radiator would be reversed.




Staff member
Hi, it is not advisable to change the hoses at the In/Out on the Eisbaer. The cooler is designed with this direction of water flow. Changing the direction can affect the cooling capacity.


New member
I didn't know that those radiators were flow directional.
Thanks for letting me know.
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