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Thank you Alphacool Team


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Greetings all

Little History

One year ago I did buy a little sh** OMEN PC which came with an HP RTX 2080 OEM blower
On the first day it comes I try PUBG. I was very excited to play.
The excitement became frustration, on the first 5 min of playing the RTX was already in fire 90C oh dear...
I was thinking was something wrong with it, so I open my RTX and I apply new thermal paste.
From 90C I got 85C with new thermal paste, just great... The only way to play without burning was setting up the fans to 100%
to get minimum 70c which makes a lot of noise, my wife always make fun of me saying "KIDS HEAD'S DOWN!!! PC from dad going fly soon" 🤣
So I play like this for a year, as you can see here.

I buy the NEW Alphacool Eiswolf 2 AIO few days ago for my RTX
Oh, man what a HUGE difference, from 70C now i got max 45C at 900RPM, even at 2000RPM, almost cant hear the fans working

Other thing I notice was the clock boost I'm pretty sure i never saw more than 1730MHZ, now is every time at 1920/1935 this without OC
Today I tested for 20 Min OC

So Alphacool Team THANK YOU so much for this wonderful product


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Oh, is not TI just 2080 :p.
im been testing the max i can go is +208 core clock and +645 Mem clock on MSI Afterburn