Alphacool Waterblock/AIO for 7900XT/XTX planned ?


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I have received my water block and am currently working to install the block on my card. I had a question and was hoping to confirm the installation instructions.

When removing the stock cooler from the XFX Merc310, I noticed the thermal pads on the backplate were ON TOP of the rectangular components. The instructions included with the Merc310 water block show that I should install the 3mm pads ON THE SIDES of the rectangular components. Do the 3mm pads go on top (as it was from the factory cooler) or beside the rectangular components? See the attached picture. I have laid out the thermal pads as it shows in the directions, but can still move them to on top of the components if that's indeed where they should go.

Thank you!

Edit: I found a YouTube video regarding the Eisblock install on the reference 7900 XTX card. Note how in this video the installer puts the thermal pads on top of the components and not beside them. I just want to be sure which is correct. Directions for both the reference and this Merc 310 block show that the 3mm pads go BESIDE the components, not on top. And again, the reference air cooler on the Merc 310 had thermal pads on top of the components.

Link to referenced video in case it matters:


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I noticed the same thing, if placed according to reference/stock heatsink you will get gpu hotspot issues since the pads on back of the gpu core wont have sufficient contact due to these pads are to thick to rest on these thick capacitors.
These capacitors should not be needing cooling in that sence, I think the pads on the backplate is mainly to put pressure on the correct spots to make sure the block get sufficient contact on the front side (block side), please confirm Alphacool :)


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What @Zetrol wrote is correct. THe Pads on the backside are mainly for creating more pressure and should be placed as shown in the manual.
If you place them on the parts, it will cause that the Backplate and the PCB will be bend. Since on the Backside aren´t any parts, which needs to be cooled, you can place them as you want on the PCB ( not on components). The Spots, where we indicate to place them, would be the best place for extra pressure on the water block.


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I went sifting but didn't see anything about it... is there a plan for the PowerColor Red Devil 7900 XTX in the Eiswolf Aio? I have a feeling this would be pretty well recieved! @Eddy
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I was wondering for the same thing but for Taichi.

I had other issue - on the back my 3mm pad was not enough in the package i received. The one that are small squares recevied vs what was shown on the manual..Anybody?

Second problem i have is the temperature of the liquid...I cant figure out how to check it. ( i assume there is no sensor?)
I am using very sucsesfully the "Fan Control" free software that is 10/10.


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at the moment is no AIO for this GPU planned.
we are offering a AIO for this model.
To check the water temperature you would need a sensor, like following one, which you are integrating in your system and a controller.


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My Eiswolf2 for the 7900XTX MBA arrived today!! It's installed and performing like a champ. It was ordered 3 months and 2 days ago, so quite a wait, but now my card can run cool and quiet. No hotspot trouble here. Patience paid off. Now if the tubes were only a bit shorter :(
After six months use, I have a constantly growing pocket of air in the upper left of my vertically mounted unit. Once a month I have to remove the card and radiator and do the shake method per the instructions on how to top up an Eiswolf from this very poor and badly out of date video. The air pocket never seems to make it to the top of the radiator so I cannot really top it up. It does make it usable for 3-4 weeks before I have do it again. See the images for reference. Not ever buying an AlphaCool product again.PXL_20230828_124623338.jpgPXL_20230830_122501656.jpg