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'Gainward Phantom, Phantom GS, Palit GameRock, GameRock OC RTX 3090, 3080 waterblocks'


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Guys, please be happy with fact that block will be made. Any extra pushing from our side won't make R&D & manufacturing process any faster then it's normally possible for sure. Especially in these times, when many logistic processes are delayed due corona and such. I don't beleave it getting to production stage even in month. Only impact too eager nagging will have - will drop the mood of alphacool reps. Better not becoming donkey from Shrek "are we there yet" :).


I am sure Eddy will keep us updated as it progresses, As said already be pleased one is being made at all. But have to say this thread has over 8k views so hoping this works out good for business for alphcool as that's a lot of views. we might be lucky and have some news in 2 to 4 weeks time.

The eddy block is coming, be patient guys!


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The two people who wrote to us about sending in the card, please check your mails again (spam folder too please). We had written you again that we would take the scan.
Hello Eddy,

I'm kinda late on the thread since I thought we will never get a waterblock o_O for Palit 3090/gainward rtx 3090 phantom gs, I had applied also for the sending card program for "gainward rtx 3090 phantom gs" (was denided ) I'm not sure if anyone sent you one so you can take the design of the card and it will help to created the water block , I have re check the E-mails and there was nothing, just in case you still need at least the "gainward rtx 3090 phantom gs" NED3090H19SB-1021P.

My application was declined at 26/1 and I'm living in Germany so I think the delivery will be faster (and i wanna that Eddy Edition Block)
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Hakanese: i had such idea too. But it won't work. While PCB is shared across several cards .. stock air cooler AND rgb - is not. And it certainly won't make business sense to make two custom blocks, one for Gainward, another one for Palit, for both manufacturers for narrower niche performance/OC card lines then their cards based on reference PCB. It will be more expensive then "saved on reusing stock rgb".


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True, was only an idea. I am sure I will be more then happy with whatever Alphacool bring us.
With this wait, I can start to cool the backplate and VRM


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I'd rather love for cards initially to have no rgb, and more plain looks .. but at 50eur cheaper :). Chose my card certainly not because of those features but for performance. Same with my new 55"4K monitor, i'd prefer for it to be w/o back rgb & w/o soundbar for 150e less .. but in most cases there simply is no option w/o extra bundled stuff.