What do you want?

Radiators are 100% developed and also manufactured by us. That is why we are the only company to have genuine all-copper radiators, where all water-bearing parts are made of copper. The only exceptions are the threads, which are made of brass: Copper would be too soft for this. All other manufacturers do not have copper channels but use steel or other materials to conduct the water from pre-chamber to pre-chamber and to transfer the heat to the fins.
Your idea would of course be feasible, but would roughly triple the cost of a radiator. It's not as simple as you imagine. Because the channel lengths would have to be adapted separately for the offset threads, and that is one of the most expensive points in the manufacture of a radiator.

By the way, there is no dead angle for the air. There is always some space between the fan and the cooling fins so that an air bed can form between the fan and the cooling fins. This is further increased with a fan shroud. As a result, air flows relatively evenly through the radiator.

180/200mm radiators also have such a low heat load that these radiator sizes are actually not worth selling at all. The fact that we offer them at all is solely due to the fact that we were the only manufacturer who wanted to offer all possible sizes. We are the only manufacturer that actually covers all fan sizes. 40, 50, 60, 80, 92, 12, 140, 180/200mm radiators in all shapes, thicknesses and sizes. No one else has that.
When you say "low heat load" do you mean that it exceeds the cooling required for most PC applications? Just want to know what you meant by that I am not sure that I understood that.


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Argh... sorry... translation fault.
The sales for 180/200mm radiators are very low, so it makes not really sense to sell them. Also a problem, the mountings of 180/200mm fans dont have a standard. There are 3 different mounting positions on the market and some brands are using exclusive mounting hole positions.
And at least.... the fans have very very low pressure. 120/140mm are much better than any 200mm fan.
Okay, so I propose another idea that may be more feasible.
AlphaCool radiator fin-repair tool, which is meant for the more delicate copper fins of these alphacool radiators. current tools are mainly for vehicle radiators which are usually made from harder metals like aluminum, they are also not very well designed. I think the tip of these comb-like tools should be slightly pointed rather than.

I tried very carefully straightening a bent radiator fin on my alphacool 200mm radiator and i damaged the fin more, (a very insignificant amount of damage) but still, made me regret even touching the thing. In my opinion it is too delicate, and maybe it would be nice to develop a repair tool. Even if the tool can only be used once (because the metal will become weaker as it is bent more times), I think it could be better than to use other home tools like toothpicks or screwdrivers.

look at picture for example of the concept, although I do not think this is a proper design for full copper fins


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I want more Alphacool in Canada!! I resist to buy AIO for my 3090 FTW3 without active backplate because I don't want pay two shipping cost (almost 30% of the AIO)... I ask to NewEgg (they are in your reseller). Hope they will get somes soon. I'll buy the AIO first if I can find one in Canada ?
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The Canadian dealers are difficult to reach and we often don't get any feedback from the dealers in your country. You have to complain to them. Canada is one of the last countries to give us trouble with dealers. No idea why. Only Australia is similarly bad.
120mm × 25mm fan with special shroud with cutout for ram and thus smaller rotor. For example: Fractal Design Focus G, 240mm radiator on top and two 120mm fans attached. If it barely fits, then on two ram slots only.


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Hi, I would love to see the Eiswolf 2 AIO for the 3090 FE. Especially since I discovered the 3080 FE version in the store. Is there any news about a potential development of this AIO? Or is it (still) not being considered :(?


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We are not sure right now. I can only tell you that in the next 2 month we will not release a 3090FE Eiswolf.


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Hi there, I see the active Backplates have arrived, will this one:
fit the Inno3D iChill Frostbite (using reference water block #11930)?

And a good idea to use separate G1/4" terminals, that will make installing it a lot easier.


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fit the Inno3D iChill Frostbite (using reference water block #11930)?
The backplate fits block #11930 & the Inno3D iChill Frostbite.

And a good idea to use separate G1/4" terminals, that will make installing it a lot easier.
This should also be easy to achieve with normal G1/4" connections (angled if necessary) without an additional terminal!
Hi Eddy
I would like to see a fill-in cap/ cover for the Alphacool Eisball so I don't need a motor and I can use 3 Alphacool Eisball at once, with one at the bottom of the case having the pump and the other 2 working as reservoirs linked to the bottom Alphacool Eisball with the pump.
I wonder if I am the only one who would like this?
The only available pwm-voltage transformer without screw terminals are the ones from Phobya, but they suck, because they output 85%-100% voltage @12V only. Chinese generic ones claim to work from 0V-10V @>10V. 15% slow reduction is nothing.


I would like to suggest -
1) water block for mainboard - mono-block. I dont see any in your web-site.
2) You web site to become a little bit more user friendly (with better and clean design) and easy to navigate!
3) English on the site is kind of strage...some wording in German some in English :) Not a biggie thou but still!

Please support this project -

and here why -

Dr Johnny Rod

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Alphacool makes a 4070 Ti GPU water block and a 4090 PNY GPU water block but not a 4070 Ti PNY water block, at least as far as I can tell.

The key for me is that I already have a custom loop and I really don't need a 4080 nor 4090, the 4070 Ti works for me performance wise.

One critical part to fit the GPU is the 2 slot plate, my case cannot handle a 3 slot GPU vertically and vertically is the only way to fit any GPU in the build.

So, are you working on a water block that will fit a 4070 Ti PNY XLR8?


I am looking at - Alphacool Eiswolf 2 AIO - 360mm RX 7900XTX/XT Taichi - Phantom with Backplate and i am complete shock to find the radiator is not 45mm HPE version... Looking at the CPU AIO's - 30mm HPE radiator. AlphaCool - gutennmorgen! GPU's dissipate 400-500W, a CPU not more then 200W, in most cases Ryzen 9 is around 150W in normal workload.

So can i order the GPU AIO with 45mm HPE radiator, no matter the extra price probably... ?