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What do you want?


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May we hope for a waterblock fitting the Aorus Master RTX3080 ?

Edit : I had an encouraging response to a request for information by contact form "we are on it, it will be online mid of January i guess."
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What I want for Christmas is to have a 2 slot PCI-e bracket included with the 3090 FE block! Can't imagine why this isn't part of the package. The std 3 slot creates serious limitations, and the bitspower for example includes a bracket.


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We was thinking about it, but to be honest... after we started the production of this cooler :-/ Our Engeneers Sample from nVidia doesn`t had the bracket, was only the pcb. So we didn`t realized that they have a 3-Slot shield.


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O wow that stinks! My 3090 FE is now en route to NL. Once it arrives I might be able to lend it out for dev purposes in case you're interested. My case requires a 2 slot bracket so I won't be able to mount it in my (new) case untill I watercooled it.
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I've seen other people mention this as well so I just want to echo this too. Please make a thinner ST25 or ST30 version of your dual 92mm radiator. I too am SFF (small form factor) enthusiast and the case that I am working on now cannot house the XT45 thicker dual 92mm radiator.

I've been looking and I can't find any 25mm or 30mm thick version of dual 92mm radiators. If you released them I would buy them in a heartbeat and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Thank you.