What do you want?


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I kinda figured. Does that apply to the entire line or just the upgrade kits? I wouldn't mind buying another outright for that card, I already started making plans for a mod in anticipation of a the card and a full cover wouldn't quite work out/be pointless.


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For the future, we will only make GPU cooler for:

AMD Radeon RX5700 or higher
Nvidia RTX 2070 or higher

All other cooler are canceled, because of the hardly existing demand.


i relay would love to see a Fill/drain port like this one

But instead of the big plug in the bottom i would like a quick disconnect point which is compatible to something like these

why do i want this combination ?

problem with drain systems are that you need a valve in front of them, those are big and can't be easily hidden in mid towers and smaller cases. And without a valve draining a system becomes messy really quickly

with a simple quick disconnect you don't need the bulky valve and get a cleaner and easier to service system.


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@Metropolis34 I hope these two links work, I took the photos with and without the flash. I wanted to see which pipe I liked more for an upcoming build and found that the chrome fittings fit perfectly with the chrome pipe, but the matte black fittings don't really work with the black chrome pipe simply because they don't match which made the fittings stood out more.