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Any other suggestions? Come on folks :)
I see Alphacool has couple of 92mm fan based radiators, but they are very thicc (XT45) compared to the fan size!

Given how popular 92mm fans (like the Noctua NF-A9x14) are in "SFF"- (small form factor) communities (SFF.network, r/sffpc etc.) nowadays, I would really like to see thinner options like ST30 or even more thin (20 to 25mm) come available.

Also 3 (x92mm) fan option would be popular too, as many SFF-cases still support ~300mm long graphics cards and 3-fan 92mm radiator would be ~320mm long compared to normal 360 rad (~400mm).

These radiators would fit many SFF-cases and the community is constantly designing new cases, so if there were small and slim radiator options, people could use them as the basis of their design.


Also, can Eisbaer LT-radiators (25mm thick) be made available without the block pump-combo. I would see these could be popular too.


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This radiators are mostly for industrial use or server cooling and they have to be thick regarding performance. I will forward your inquiry to our devolopment :)