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Pre-cut filters that can fit between the radiator and the case for inlet filtration. Cleaning filters and fans is fiddly, but ideally a washable filter with a silicone gasket to give it a great seal and prevent scratching the case when installing (trying to force the radiator into place). There could even be different grades of filter for minimal / regular / extreme filtration. By using a physically thicker material, it should be able to filter well with low restriction as opposed to the paper thin filtration materials which are generally available (e.g. car air filters).

Off the shelf filtration material tends to be much too fine (restrictive), hard to cut to shape, unsealed at the edges etc. It's not that this would be expensive to manufacture, just that nobody seems to offer one I can buy.

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Hi Alphacool. Any news on the release of the Eisboard MBX? I would like to see the Eisboard MBX in a multiport version.


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We canceld MBX cooler because we have to much to do with other products wich are more important for us. Like Enterprise stuff and thinkgs i cant talk about right now ;-)


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Hey Alphacool!

Just a little feedback and maybe a few ideas on how to improve the Eisbaer Aurora to become even better:

-The 420mm rad version could use a bit longer tubes as they can only be installed in the top position if the inlet/outlet is at the back of the case otherwise the pump/reservoir combo cannot be mounted on the CPU as they are too short for that. Probably a 5 to 10 cm longer tubing can solve this issue.
-The tubing is too stiff and works againts the user when trying to mount the pump requiring 2 people to properly install unless you mount it on the cpu while the motherboard is not installed in the case (which would make the installation of the mb a bit more challenging).

I'm sorry to say, but this is worst part of the cooler as coupled with the problems with the tubing it makes almost impossible to be installed by a single person as I've to use 1 hand the apply pressure to the pump to keep it in place while with the other hand I've to apply significant pressure on the screws in the mounting bracket to push them down enough to catch the thread in the nut within the backplate and while I need a third hand to hold the backplate in place to prevent it from popping off from the backside of the mb as the adhesive on the backplate is pretty weak.

How to solve this:
Instead of the long screw in the mounting bracket which goes directly to the nut in the backplate add a spacer nut to the kit which can be screwed into the backplate from the front side and a shorter screw for the mounting bracket which can be screwed into the spacer.
This will provide the following benefits:
1. The backplate can be secured to the mb prior to the mounting of the cooler without the fear of it popping off when the pump is being installed
2. The spacer nut can prevent the overtightening of pump as the screw in the mounting bracket will bottom out in the spacer nut.
3. It doesn't require the retooling of the production line

It's not really my idea just saw similar mounting solutions from at least 2 different manufacturers which made the installation of their cooler much easier.


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I see Alphacool has couple of 92mm fan based radiators, but they are very thicc (XT45) compared to the fan size!

Given how popular 92mm fans (like the Noctua NF-A9x14) are in "SFF"- (small form factor) communities (SFF.network, r/sffpc etc.) nowadays, I would really like to see thinner options like ST30 or even more thin (20 to 25mm) come available.

Also 3 (x92mm) fan option would be popular too, as many SFF-cases still support ~300mm long graphics cards and 3-fan 92mm radiator would be ~320mm long compared to normal 360 rad (~400mm).

These radiators would fit many SFF-cases and the community is constantly designing new cases, so if there were small and slim radiator options, people could use them as the basis of their design.


Also, can Eisbaer LT-radiators (25mm thick) be made available without the block pump-combo. I would see these could be popular too.
Ah, I see! Im sure SFF community thanks if you release these slim 92mm radiators.

Theres also use case for slim single 92mm radiator in Dan-case A4 where currently the only watercooling option that fits is Asetek 645LT AIO-cooler. Many would rather get Eisbaer "LT92"
Now that Eisbaer LT92 is reality, can you revisit these other things I asked for? :) ITX and SFF seem to be growing FAST this year ;) Would especially like to see those 25mm or even thinner radiators released and 80mm/92mm based radiators atleast in 30mm like in LT92.


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Suggestions? Wishes? Suggestions? Comments? Ideas? Improvements? New product?

Not really a new product request but will the cad models be available for the new Eisblock ES Acetal for the reference 3080/90. I'm mocking up a triple 280 rad itx system and this will make my life so much easier. The 3d models are needed to figure out how I'm going to support everything in the case I have to build.

I current have a 1080ti in a different block mocked in but the Eisblock is what i'll be going with. Please help....


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EVGA FTW3 ULTRA RTX 3080 block :) only thing missing for a 100% Alphacool build, hoping to not need to buy Optimus block.. kinda pricey, looking at compatibility list I see you guys havent made anything for EVGA cards for the last few years, have you given up on this awesome brand and their legion of fans?

To my knowledge they are the only AIB that offers warranty even if you remove the stock cooler.
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We are expecting the graphics card this week. After that we will start to produce one for it. This should take not less than 6 to 8 weeks.


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I was hoping we could get the possibility to truly "daisy chain" the fans LED's. At this point the fans all light the same way. But we already have those cables for example in RGB Fans Eiszyklon Lux Pro. Those cables sadly only work as splitters and dont pick up the fan's output signal from its last LED. We could be able to power (for example) 3 fans ith each 15 LEDs and control all 45 of them - as opposed to controlling 15 right now.


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I was hoping we could get the possibility to truly "daisy chain" the fans LED's. At this point the fans all light the same way. But we already have those cables for example in RGB Fans Eiszyklon Lux Pro. Those cables sadly only work as splitters and dont pick up the fan's output signal from its last LED. We could be able to power (for example) 3 fans ith each 15 LEDs and control all 45 of them - as opposed to controlling 15 right now.
I just gave it some deeper thought and i think there would be some easy solutions for this:

A) We use two 3-Wire Cables (instead of 1) where each of the cables is connected to a different end of the LED strip inside the fan.
B) We extend the 3-Pole wires by one dataline. It would need something like (1) GND (2) D-IN (3) D-OUT (4) +5V, keeping compatibility to standard 4-Pin RGB pin-layout, just finally using the usually left-out pin. The Connectors will then differ between input and output layouts. The input-connector will stay the same with (1) GND (2) D-IN (3) +5V, just the output-connector will use the new line being (1) GND (2) D-OUT (3) +5V.
C) Similar to B, but we add a third connector right at the start of the fan's cable and also move the "output" Connector which we have right now there too. This reduces cable-cludder similarly to LianLi's "UniFan" approach (and I think this really is something other manufacturers like you need to keep up with)

Doing it like one of these keeps total compatibility to older models. Imagine having a "waterfall" like effect on our fans as they all act as a single strip which is not parallel but indeed serial...


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With the fans we have right now this is not possible, sorry. And will be also not possible with the next generation of that fans. But since we are already working on the third generation of fans.... maybe. But thats something what you will see in 2 years. And they will be totally different to everything that is on the market right now.


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New product suggestion: CPU pump block for SFF PCs like Eisbaer LT Solo, but with a more powerful PWM (DDC?) pump and better looking (made from acryl and with D-RGB).
Other similar products on the market: Barrow CPU pump block (with fittings it's too tall to fit into smaller ITX cases), Nouvolo Aquanaut.

Would be perfect if it looked as nice as this EK-AIO pump block, hiding the pump entirely:

Though I'm not sure if it would be possible to use a standard DDC pump in this case as they need a heatsink at high RPM.
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The DDC pump is too big, so makes no real sense. We are working on something new but release will be end of next year i think.