'Gainward Phantom, Phantom GS, Palit GameRock, GameRock OC RTX 3090, 3080 waterblocks'


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Good day. I want to clarify, if I put the water block in the basket, will the system reserve it for me for a while? And I calmly place an order, enter data, pay?
Or an example of 10 water blocks and 20 buyers put everything in the basket and the one who takes all the actions the fastest (registers, enters data, ) will receive a water block.
I would like to know the price and in what material will the fittings be screwed into plexi or Acetal ?


Cooler for 3080 GR will be without backplate? Or it will be compatible with the original?
My guess is that originally there will be passive backplate in set with block, but we may expect some active LC cooled backplate in future.


Great new !! Any chance we will have a 3090 Phantom GS compatible?
Check earlier posts. Or in short: These blocks probably will be compatible also with gainward 3080/3090 phantom & phantom gs, and palit 3080/3090 gamerock & gamerock oc, but it's not "checked" by Alphacool for 100% sure claim, primarly block was designed around sent in 3090 gamerock oc card IIRC (Eddy might correct me if i'm mistakening). Few other users had posted about their wish to buy & test this block on their gainward cards, probably will report back results.
Supposedly OC & GS have same PCB as non OC/non GS versions. Supposedly 3080 Gamerock & Phantom have same PCBs as for 3090 cards. Supposedly Gainward (which is subbrand now of Palit) cards are rebranded Palit ones with different cooler & card name in vbios. Thus imho there is very high chance that it should work, just not yet in reality test-fitted for AC to "officially" & liability-free claim that.


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Not sure right now, we have no pictures of the 3080TI Gamerock PCB.

Wie "think" that the most 3080 coolers will also fit in the 3080TI version, because they only need to put 2 Rams more on the PCB and all 3080PCS are pepared for that. But we can`t confirmed that without a possibility to check it.


Will waterblock for gamerock 3080/3090 work with 3080 Ti too?
That is less known/sure. While i saw frequent mentions in reviews of many 3080/3090 cards that in many cases same PCB, and often also cooling system was reused, in reviews of 3080ti i haven't yet seen such mentions. And i've yet to see palit gamerock or gainward phantom 3080ti reviews with included disassembly & PCB pictures.
There was half a year between 3080/3090 and 3080ti releases, during that time manufacturer might have changed something. One may consider removing stock cooler by yourself and take pictures for "visual check" or send your card in for AC to perform fitment test, but i'd hate to have it done w/o some extra assurance as it's hard to source new OE pads and in case if block is not compatible, one will need to mount stock cooler back, with possibly worse temps due reused/damaged original pads.


Nice to hear both that more proofs arrive for both "bits", that gainward's are almost same and that 3080 have same PCB. After all, it means possible potential quadrupling of customers (there are more 3080 owners out there, but due lesser TDP they "suffer" less from loudness of stock cooling system) and widening niche for same block w/o any changes, thus alleviating risks AC taken by designing and manufacturing block for niche cards.